External hardstanding

Concrete is the ideal material for the construction of parking and working areas around buildings. It provides a hard-wearing surface which drains well at low gradients. Concrete resists spillages of diesel and other petroleum-based products. Concrete is relatively light in colour and hence concrete parking areas are easy to illuminate.

High quality, durable, attractive hardstandings can be produced using block paving or in-situ concrete.

Guidance on thedesignof in-situ concrete hardstandings is available from both theConcrete SocietyandBritpave。需要仔细考虑平板和联合布局的厚度,以确保具有混凝土出色的长期耐久性性能的全部好处。原位混凝土板的刚度使其能够在足够大的地下土壤面积上扩散施加的载荷,从而使任何偏转很小。混凝土板还可以通过货车拖车前腿上的多莉轮子或垫子抵抗凹痕,并且表面可以纹理以提供防滑性。

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