Design aids for flexural reinforcement

The design procedure for flexural design outlined below isavailable inHow to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2: Beams; this includes derived formulae based on the simplified rectangular stress block from Eurocode 2.

FromHow to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2(page 25, Figure 1)

Bending moments

The table below can be used to determine bending moments and shear forces for beams, provided the notes to the table are observed.

Table 1: Bending moment and shear coefficients for beams and one-way slabs



Outer support


0.45 (G+Q)

Near middle of end span

0.090 Gl+0.100Ql

At first interior support

-0.094 (G+Q)l

0.63 (G+Q)a

At middle of interior spans


At interior supports

-0.075 (G+Q)l

0.50 (G+Q)

a0.55 (G+Q) may be used adjacent to the interior span

1l是跨越,Gis the total of the ULS permanent actions.Qis the total of the ULS variable actions
2Redistribution of support moments by 15% has been included
3Applicable to 3 or more spans only, where Qkkand where the loading is substantially uniformly distributed.
4Minimum span is > 0.85 longest span
5Simpler coefficients for one-way spanning slabs are available in the publication'Concise Eurocode 2'.

How to Design Concrete Structures using Eurocode 2: Second edition

Concise Eurocode 2