Eurocode FAQs

1. BS 8110-1,BS 8110-2,BS 8007,BS 5400,BS 8102,CIRIA 139的EUROCODE等效物是什么?

BS EN 1992-1-1和BS EN 1992-1-2取代了BS 8110-1和BS 8110-2。

BS EN 1992-2 replaced BS 5400-4, but note that BS EN 1992-2 has to be used in conjunction with BS EN 1992-1-1.

BS EN 1992-3 replaces BS 8007, but note that BS EN 1992-3 has to be used in conjunction with BS EN 1992-1-1.

BS 8102在2009年进行了修订。

CIRIA 139 is a guidance document on the design of basements. It has largely been superseded by BS EN 1992-3, which should be used together with CIRIA C660 (Early thermal cracking). See混凝土地下室.

2.我什么时候必须从使用BS 8110/BS 5400更改为使用Eurocode 2?

Although Eurocode 2 replaced all previous national codes dealing with the design of structural concrete, there continues to be a period of transition. Previous British Standards such as BS 8110, BS 8007 continue to be used but were ‘withdrawn’ in 2010, i.e. they are no longer supported by the relevant British Standards Institute committee. BS 8110 is not necessarily unsafe, but will increasingly become outdated and therefore not current best practice.

对于桥梁,主要客户是公共机构,根据欧洲法律,他们应要求设计师从2010年3月起使用欧洲码来获得新合同。对于建筑物,从本期起,没有义务使用Eurocode 2,因为建筑法规仅要求设计师表明设计是安全的;没有义务使用特定的实践守则。客户(尤其是那些是公共机构的客户)或设计师的保险公司可能需要使用最新的实践守则,这将是驱动程序,可以更改为Eurocodes。

3. What is the minimum number of bars in a circular column?

Eurocode 2有最小数量的4 (BS 8110侦察mmends 6). If only using 4 bars use any column design charts with caution because they may have assumed a minimum of 6 bars.

4.在Eurocode 2中,是基于较小条的大小的圈长度,就像BS 8110一样。

Eurocode 2不是特定的,但是从逻辑上讲,膝盖的强度将受到较小的棒的限制,因此应使用这来确定最小膝盖长度。


There is no single expression linking cylinder strengths to cube strengths in Eurocode 2, but they are given in Table 3.1 of BS EN 1992-1-1 for normal weight concrete and roughly speaking the cylinder strength is 80% of the cube strength. For lightweight concrete, the information is given in Table 11.3.1 and roughly speaking the cylinder strength is 90% of the cube strength.

6.我应该在评估Eurocode 2的剪切强度时要采取什么角度,因为它未设置为45度?

For heavily loaded and transfer beams the strut angle may need to be increase and the angle required can be calculated. Further guidance is given underShearand inHow to design concrete structures using Eurocode 2:第4章,光束。

7. Are there any worked examples for design to Eurocode 2?

是的。混凝土中心的工作示例可在Publications Library,其中一些包含在本网站的这一部分中。


and from ERMCO:

8.在哪里可以找到Eurocode 2中使用的新符号和缩写的列表?

每个Eurocode都有第1节中的符号列表。符号通常在引入它们的位置也完全描述。可以在简明的欧洲2and Concise Eurocode 2 for bridges. (Note, they are slightly different lists to suit buildings and bridges respectively.)

9. What load case should I take when designing for cracking in prestressed concrete?

The frequent load combination should be used.

10. Can I design for the shear force at d away from the support in Eurocode 2?

是的,提供负载主要是UDL。参见BS EN 1992-1-1的第6.2.1(8)条。


1. For bond - use bar diameter for reinforced concrete. See clause for prestressed concrete.
2.耐用性 - 使用BS 8500。
3. For fire resistance – use BS EN 1992-1-2, section 5. Fire resistance works on ‘axis distance’ to the centre of the main bars - cover has to be calculated from there.
An allowance for deviation (usually 10 mm) is added to the maximum cover required from 1 to 3 above to obtain the nominal cover, cnom.
How to design concrete structures using Eurocode 2: Chapter 2, Getting Started.


We have worked from first principles seeFlexure

13.如何计算出Eurocode 2的列的细长限制?

苗条,l= lo/i = 3.46l0/h for rectangular columns
限制细长l林= 20ABC/n0.5


lo =有效长度(固定末端的1.0L = 1.0L,通常=旋转约束的末端约0.75L)
i = radius of gyration
h =矩形柱的最小尺寸
a =蠕变的津贴,默认值0.7
B = an allowance for the ‘mechanical ratio’ default value 1.1
C =矩分布的津贴,默认值0.7,但这很繁重,值为大约。2.5可以通过基本计算获得。
n =混凝土的轴向负载 /面积
A procedure for working through the guidance can be found inHow to design concrete structures using Eurocode 2, chapter 5, columns. It is dealt with in BS EN 1992-1-1 Section 5.8.3.

14.水平偏转到Eurocode 2是否存在最大限制?

Eurocode 2中没有提供指导。

15. Can I enhance the shear capacity of a section close to the support in Eurocode 2?

Clause 6.2.2(6) of BS EN 1992-1-1 explains how the shear from a concentrated load close to the support can be reduced to take into account direct strutting action to the support. The attendant rules for shear links can be more conservative than ignoring this ‘enhancement’. For bridges, the UK National Annex to BS EN 1992-2 amends this clause so that is the shear resistance is enhanced.  

如何使用Eurocode 2:第二版设计混凝土结构