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Ready for zero: Focus on Parts L and O

With tougher targets for both homes and non-domestic buildings, the government is continuing to push construction towards zero-carbon, with further cuts to follow in 2025. Tom De Saulles explains



单一的角度公寓and apartments are identified as being at particular risk of overheating, especially in city locations where delivering effective ventilation can be challenging. Alongside reduced fabric heat loss, there is a range of other aggravating factors that can come together to cause overheating. Guidance on tackling overheating identifies the provision of adequate ventilation and shading as being the most effective design measures to apply. Other techniques are also identified including the use of thermal mass with night cooling, which offers a further means of helping to control overheating.


  • Limiting solar gains– Apply design measures that limit solar gain, which can include external shading, solar control glass and optimising the orientation and glazing area.
  • Remove excess heat– Provide openings for adequate ventilation, ideally located on opposite facades to promote cross flow. Night ventilation is very effective at removing heat from the fabric and works particularly well in dwellings with亚搏娱乐网站
  • Absorb- 使用混凝土和砌体亚搏娱乐网站住宅中提供的热质量在白天吸收建筑物内部的多余热量,然后使用夜间通风将其清除。以这种方式使用热质量可亚搏娱乐网站以将峰值内部温度降低几个度。
  • Provide information- 确保为建筑物所有者提供有关符合O部分的规定以及应采取系统操作以防止过热的方式的足够信息。
For more information, download The Concrete Centre guide on过热。In addition to offering guidance on the use of thermal mass, this publication also provides an overview of the new Part O regulations, which deal specifically with overheating in new residential buildings and sets out new requirements for delivering safe and usable overheating measures.

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