Hospital buildings need to be facilities that help medical staff in the efficient delivery of quality healthcare and provide a positive environment for speedy patient recovery. For these reasons it is vital that a good building design is adopted. Concrete construction is a great way for the project team to accomplish these requirements by helping improve the function, value and whole life performance of the facility.


As well as providing the structural frame, concrete can be used to improve the overall performance of the building, including:


Concrete is inert with no harmful off-gassing, and its structural form is commonly associated with enhanced natural ventilation and daylighting. It provides robust, damage-resistant surfaces for walls, partitions, columns, soffits and cladding that are easily sealed for cleaning where required. Aesthetics, ease of cleaning and a healthy atmosphere all lead to enhanced user satisfaction of concrete hospitals.


混凝土是天生的fire resistant而且,与某些材料不同,通常不需要增加防火。这避免了由现场应用保护或维修造成的以下交易的延误和中断,并在损坏的现场应用保护的现场进行了维修。混凝土的防火保护是无需提供额外费用的,不需要在翻新或翻新后继续进行维护或重新涂抹。



It has been shown that comfort is an important factor in recovery. Concrete’s mass and damping qualities are able to be used to achieve the required声学表现, which provides a restful and productive environment that is isolated from the noise and vibrations resulting from normal hospital routines.






Concrete is a robust material that is capable of withstanding the knocks and bangs likely to occur in a hospital with minimal or no damage. Reducing maintenance not only reduces costs and disruption, but prevents the building from looking neglected which can lead to lack of respect for the facilities.


The choice and design of a building’s frame and cladding can have a surprisingly large influence on the performance of the final building. Today’s混凝土框架非常适合支持现代医院建筑的要求。混凝土框架有多种结构类型可满足所有需求,可以用预制或原位混凝土构建,或者两者的组合(称为)hybrid concrete construction.



Increasingly, the flat slabs are张贴后减少平板厚度,并在必要时提供长达12米的更长跨度的潜力。



Hybrid concrete construction

Hybrid concrete construction将预制混凝土(高质量饰面,异地制造)的最佳品质与原位结构(可用于较晚变化,可变性,鲁棒性,双向跨度,本地制造的灵活性)。有关更多信息,请参阅混凝土中心出版物Hybrid Concrete Construction.

Concrete proof


The study found that a post-tensioned slab was the most economic solution and that as well as comparing the cost of the structural frame, the benefits discussed above should be included in the cost comparison because they can reduce costs for other elements of the building.

To see results of the study, download医院建设,由混凝土中心出版。为了完整的结果,购买full technical report.